Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Toxic Personalities"

Although we like to think that the people in our lives are well-adjusted, happy, healthy minded individuals, we sometimes realize that it just isn't so. Personally, I've had moments where I'll be skipping through my day, happy as can be, thinking life is grand and BAM, I'll be blindsided by someone who manages to knock the happy wind out of my sails. Sometimes it is easy to write it off and other times, not so much.
Maybe you are a positive person, but when you are around a certain individual, you feel negative. Or, maybe you have an idealistic view of the world and when you are with certain people, you are made to feel silly, unrealistic or delusional. Or, maybe you pride yourself in being completely independent and in control of your life, but when you are around a certain family member, you regress into a state of childhood.
Some of these situations, and yes, these people, can have a tremendously negative impact on our lives. And, although we are all human and have our 'issues,' some 'issues' are quite frankly, toxic. They are toxic to our happiness. They are toxic to our mental outlook. They are toxic to our self-esteem. And they are toxic to our lives. They can suck the life out of us and even shorten our lifespan.

Here are the worst of the toxic personalities out there and how to spot them:

1. The Manipulative ones: These individuals are experts at manipulation tactics. Is a matter of fact, you may not even realize you have been manipulated until it is too late. These individuals figure out what your 'buttons' are, and push them to get what they want.
Why they are toxic: These people have a way of eating away at your belief system and self-esteem. They find ways to make you do things that you don't necessarily want to do and before you know it, you lose your sense of identity, your personal priorities and your ability to see the reality of the situation. The world all of a sudden becomes centered around their needs and their priorities.

2. The Narcissistic Ones: These people have an extreme sense of self-importance and believe that the world revolves around them. They are often not as sly as the Manipulative ones of the world, but instead, tend to be a bit overt about getting their needs met. You often want to say to them "It isn't always about you."
Why they are toxic: They are solely focused on their needs, leaving your needs in the dust. You are left disappointed and unfulfilled. Further, they zap your energy by getting you to focus so much on them, that you have nothing left for yourself.

3. The Downers: These people can't appreciate the positive in life. If you tell them that it is a beautiful day, they will tell you about the impending dreary forecast. If you tell them you aced a mid-term, they'll tell you about how difficult the final is going to be.
Why they are toxic: They take the joy out of everything. Your rosy outlook on life continues to get squashed with negativity. Before you know it, their negativity consumes you and you start looking at things with gray colored glasses yourself.

4. The Judgmental Ones: When you see things as cute and quirky, they see things as strange and unattractive. If you find people's unique perspectives refreshing, they find them 'wrong'. If you like someone's  taste, they find it 'disturbing' or 'bad'.
Why they are toxic: Judgmental people are much like the Downers. In a world where freedom rings, judgment is sooo over. If the world was a homogeneous place, life would be pretty boring. Spending a lot of time with these types can inadvertently convert you into a judgmental person as well.

5. Dream Killing Ones: Every time you have an idea, these people tell you why you can't do it. As you achieve, they try to pull you down. As you dream, they are the first to tell you it is impossible.
Why are they Toxic: These people are stuck in what is instead of what could be. Further, these individuals eat away at your self-esteem and your belief in yourself. Progress and change can only occur from doing new things and innovating, dreaming the impossible and reaching for the stars.

6. The Insincere Ones: You never quite feel that these people are being sincere. You tell a funny story, they give you a polite laugh. You feel depressed and sad and they give you a 'there, there' type response. You tell them you are excited about something and you get a very ho-hum response.
Why they are toxic: People who aren't sincere or genuine build relationships on superficial criteria. This breeds shallow, meaningless relationships. When you are really in need of a friend, they may not be there. When you really need constructive criticism, they would rather tell you that you are great the way you are. When you need support, they would rather see you fail or make a fool of yourself.

7. The Disrespectful Ones: These people will say or do things at the most inappropriate times and in the most inappropriate ways. In essence, they are more subtle, grown up bullies. Maybe this person is a friend who you confided in and uses your secret against you. Maybe it is a family member who meddle in your affairs too often. Or maybe, it is a colleague who says demeaning things to you.
Why they are toxic: These people have no sense of boundaries and don't respect your feelings or, for that matter, your privacy. These people will cause you to feel frustrated and disrespected.

8. Never Enough ones: You can never give enough to these people to make them happy. They take you for granted and have unrealistic expectations of you. They find ways to continually fault you and never take responsibility for anything themselves.
Why they are toxic: You will spend so much time trying to please them, that you will end up losing yourself in the process. They can require a lot of your time and energy, leaving you worn out and your own needs sacrificed.

All of these personalities have several things in common. 1) the more these people get away with their behavior, the more they will continue. 2) Unfortunately, most of these people don't see that what they do is wrong and as a result, talking to them about it will fall on deaf ears, leaving you wondering if you are the crazy one. 3) Most of these people get worse with age, making their impact on you stronger with time, if not corrected.

So here is somethings that you should do if these people exist in your life, We should cover our sisters and brothers faults; and this means to not gossip or do gheebata (backbite) about their behavior, but try and change this condition of theirs:

  •  "Firstly, Change It With Your Hands" meaning teaching them how to treat you, through means of your actions in dealing with them. Do not sit by allowing bad behavior to continue. Turn away from them for a time.

Thereafter, if you find that your actions of showing them a better way, is not benefiting them,Then You:

  • "Change It With Your Mouth" This means Admonishing them. When you admonish them, you should carefully choose your words and share with them what their actions were and how it makes you or others feel and sharing with them a better way of doing things.

Then, If voicing your concerns doesn't work:

  • "Change It In Your Heart" Meaning to pray for them and/or dislike it in your heart. Which is the weakest of ways to deal with situations, but it is a permitted way. 

 We should not allow people to show up in our lives with bad behaviors without trying to help them correct their errors. Those behaviors can grow like a wild fire among you and others, especially children and the younger generation who are very impressionable.

to caution, advise, or counsel against something.
to reprove or scold, especially in a mild and good-willed manner: 
to urge to a duty; remind: to admonish them about their obligations.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Carrot Hawla"

1 Lb carrots peeled & grated
1 1/4 pint milk
8 cardamon pods
5 tbsp butter
5 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp unsalted crushed pistachios
1/2 cup whipping cream
2 eggs
Heat the carrots and milk on medium heat until the milk dries up.
Add butter and cardamon and stir fry for about 5 minutes.
Add sugar. The carrouts will release more water so dry the mixture again. stir continuously.
Add whipping cream and allow carrots to dry again.
Beat the eggs and add them to the carrots while stirring carrots.
Cook for another 3 minutes and remove from heat.
Garnish with pistachios.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"The All -Provider"

...It is He who has created me, and so it is He who guides me; It is He who give food and drink, and whenever I am sick it is He who Heals me; and it is He who makes me die and then bring me to life. And upon Him, I put my hope that He would forgive my sins on the Day of Judgement... (Al Shu'ara 26:77-82)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Supplements for Anti-Acne"

There are many preventative measures to use for acne, but here is a Natural balance of supplements that can help heal and prevent break outs.

Beta-carotene: is the same as vitamin A. It helps protect the skin from bacteria.
15 milligrams daily

B-Complex: Helps to cope with stress.
100 milligrams of high potency daily

Vitamin C: Good for skins collagen.
1000 to 3000 milligrams daily

Vitamin E: Helps assimilate vitamin A.
400 units of the dry form; daily

Zinc: One of the most important mineral for healthy skin.
15 milligrams daily.

Recommendation: "Solgar" is a very good brand of vitamin... I use them myself( prenatal nutrients)... Most are Suitable for vegetarians, Sugar free, and Starch free.

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Mediterranean Oregano Chicken Salad"

3 tbsp olive oil
1 pound "Zabiha" boneless chicken breast
5 cloves garlic
1 fresh lemon
1 tsp salt (opt)
1 tsp Mediterranean oregano
3 mini sweet coloful peppers
1 head of lettuce
5 small vine tomatoes

Medium sauce pan put in olive oil, garlic and let it simmer for a minute. Cut chicken breast into narrow strips and put into sauce pan.
Cut lemon in half and squeeze lemon juice from both halves into sauce pan; put in salt and mediterranean oragano.
Simmer on medium heat until chichen is golden brown on both sides.
Mean while chicken is cooking....
Prepare lettuce, tomatoes, and sweet peppers. Wash and cut lettuce into strips. Cut tomatoes into large cubes and slice mini peppers into rings.
Remove chicken from sauce pan and allow it to cool for approximately 5-10 mins.
Place chicken over salad mixture and serve with favorite dressing.
Wonderful with "Cabots" Pepper Jack Cheese.
Serves Approx:6-8

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Genuine Self Love and Your Relationship with your Lord"

A Genuine love for self and a genuine relationship with your Lord goes hand in hand. If you love yourself you will have this incredible hunger for something more than the norm for your soul. You will long for a spiritual relationship from one who is flawless, and can give you love that is not within the reaches and bounds of this world.

We as humans were not made perfect, we are all flawed. Although we should try hard to correct our conduct and affairs; we will most likely fall into flaws and faults and sometimes even sins. so we should not look to another human-being to give us something that they do not themselves possess. We should look to our Lord and pray that He helps us with that which is good for us and that which will be of benefit.