Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Controlling Pain Naturally"

I know that some of us have illness that needs direct attention from synthetic medicine because of the severity of the illness, but if you can heal yourself naturally using "Alternatives" That will be best for the over all mind, body, and spirit. *Here are some natural Alternatives for pain control you may want to explore! ♥Prayer♥ Acupressure ♥ Acupuncture ♥ Biofeedback ♥ Breathing Exercises ♥ Chiropractic ♥ Guided Imagery ♥ Heat and Cold Therapy ♥ Herbs♥ Hypnotherapy ♥ Magnet Therapy ♥ Message Therapy ♥ Cupping ♥ Qi Gong ♥ Relaxation Techniques ♥ Tai Chi ♥ T.E.N.S. Unit Therapy ♥ Sitz Bath ♥ Healing stones♥ Unani Medicine ...and the LIST goes on.....

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