Thursday, October 21, 2010


"CoLoR mE hApPy"

For All of us who love the effects of Natural Healing... Here is some information you may find useful on Color Healing. Everyone is affected by colors, often more than they realize.

 Color is intimately tied to all aspects of our life, especially to its visual aspects. It permeates our language, our culture and our health. We use colors to describe our physical well-being, our emotions, our attitudes, and our spiritual experiences.

 There are some colors we like more than others and there are some we do not like at all. Instinctively we are drawn to the colors that we most need at any particular time. Color can be used to alter our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.

On those days you feel a little less spirited, try wearing something colorful and brighten your home by opening windows and/or curtains for natural light.

In the winter, try drinking a nice fruity or spicy hot tea or cider.
In the Summer, try drinking a cup homemade  lemon aid,  fresh squeezed orange juice, apple juice, etc... Not only will the smell liven you up, but so will the association of colors!

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