Friday, October 8, 2010


(Before beginning any workout regime, consult with your physician.)

Rectangle or Ruler Shape(Thin upper and lower)

~~~~~WORKOUT DO's~~~~ Anything that requires long and sustained aerobic movements - without weights until you reach your ideal weight. Do a stretching routine before and after any workouts, and - most of all - do not skip abdominal exercises; start with them, as you'll have more energy.

Isolated exercises: upper and lower abdominal crunches, full sit-ups, push-ups, spinning, and all upper- or lower-body exercises using medium/high resistance.
Whole-body workouts: long-distance running on an incline, 5 tibetan rites, roller-blading, long-distance swimming, water aerobics, kick-boxing, jumping rope (preferably with a weighted rope), stationary biking/stepping, skiing, any elliptical machine - all with medium/high resistance.
~~~~WORKOUT DON'TS~~~~ Exercises that may cause discomfort to the lower back region (vertical scissors, leg lifts and side leg lifts); as soon as you add abdominal strength and hamstring flexibility, you may start doing these too.

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