Saturday, October 9, 2010


(Before beginning any workout regime, consult with your physician.)

Cone (Triangle) Female Body Shape
( Shapely upper and Thin lower)

~~~~ WORKOUT DO'S~~~~Quick, short movements with low resistance for your upper body. Focus more on high resistance on your lower body and abdomen to strengthen and add mass, improving the proportion of your female body shape.

  Isolated exercises: all lower-body exercises with medium/high resistance...such as squats, upper and lower abdominal crunches, hamstring stretches, and upper-body stretches.
Whole-body workouts: jumping rope, 5 Tibetan rites, racquet's sports, slow walking on inclines, stationary biking/stepping with medium/high resistance.

~~~~WORKOUT DON'TS~~~~All upper-body exercises with weights, bench presses, rowing.

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