Saturday, October 9, 2010


(Before beginning any workout regime, consult with your physician.)
Spoon Female Body Shape.
::Smaller upper and Shapely lower::.

~~~~ WORKOUT DO'S~~~~Any movements that require lower body flexibility, strength, and coordination, with absolutely NO resistance or weights - as the Spoon female body shape is already heavier on the lower body.

*Isolated exercises: marching in place on toes, all variations of push-ups, L-kicks, leg-outs, one-legged leg lifts, side leg lifts, standing knee to opposite chest, and vertical scissors.
*Whole-body workouts: brisk walking with no incline, 5 Tibetan rites, skiing, jumping rope.

~~~~WORKOUT DON'TS~~~~all leg curls, presses, and extensions; squats, spinning, step classes, kick-boxing, skating, roller-blading, swimming, long-distance running, high-impact aerobics.

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