Saturday, October 9, 2010


(Before beginning any workout regime, consult with your physician.)

Hourglass Female Body Shape 
::Shapely upper and Shapely lower::

~~~~ WORKOUT DO'S~~~~If you have an Hourglass female body shape, your muscles bulk up faster, so do NOT add weights to your exercising routine until you loose body fat.Favor: impact sports that require high speed and low to medium resistance that involve both upper and lower body.

Isolated exercises: L-kicks, leg-outs, leg curls & lifts, vertical scissors, arms push-outs, biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, upright rows, front & behind-the-neck presses - all at high reps (30-50 repetitions for each exercise.)
Whole-body workouts: long-distance swimming (crawl stroke only), jumping rope, 5 tibetan rites, fast walking with no incline, skiing, stationary biking (low resistance).

~~~~WORKOUT DON'TS~~~~Avoid: jogging, roller-blading, step classes, walking on an incline, kick-boxing, spinning, and high-impact aerobics.

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