Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"PLANTS" The Beautiful Protectors

Plants aren't just beautiful, each one has its own healing and health Property...Fill your home with beautiful plants to rid your home of pollutants and fill it with cleaner oxygen.

~Aloe Vera Plants- filters air of formaldehyde and benzene cause by DIY projects.

~Ficus Plany-purify the air of pollutants released from new synthetic carpets, foam backing and fire retardants.

~Spider Plants -are rich in foliage and has microscopic opening in the leave that absorb household pollutants that causes drowsiness and dizziness.

~Palm Plants-clears the air of allergy causing fumes that is given off by dry cleaning, printers, drapes, etc...

~Boston Fern Plants-restores moisture in the air by releasing water vapors.

~Snake Plants-gives off more oxygen at night than in the day, so breathe easier and more soundly.

~Cactus Plants-have compounds that counter the effects of radiation and electromagnetic pollution emitted from computer screens.

~Azalea Blossoms- Not only make the room pretty but they're also hard at work combating formaldehyde fumes from house cleaning products.

~Peace Lilies- Combats Allergy irritating mold, the leaves and flowers soak up the mold organisms and send them to the roots for food.

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