Friday, July 29, 2011

Shatavari Root...'The Herb for Women"

Shatavari Root- is an Herb for women, Shatavari is a traditional Ayurvedic antispasmodic; an aphrodisiac, demulcent (a soothing agent), digestive aid, diuretic, galactogogue (lactation promoter), and is often used for infertility and for women’s health.

Since shatavari works well as a mild diuretic, women take shatavari to help aid in removing excess water weight during menstrual periods.With its ability to cleanse and nourish the female reproductive system, shatavari also has the ability to balance pH levels in the vagina. Dry membranes in the vagina can also be brought into balance, as it is believed to bring all of the body's fluids into balance. Shatavari is also used for digestion, It is said to be effective against colitis and heartburn.

Side Effects: While, it is normally found to be safe in humans, there are possibilities of shatavari side effects. This include allergic reactions. This side effect of shatavari is generally seen in people, who are allergic to asparagus. Its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is still a disputed subject. So shatavari is not recommended for such women. People with kidney disorders and edema must avoid use of this herb. Some people may experience dizziness and fatigue, as they use shatavari. According to some health experts, shatavari should be avoided by women having massive fibrocystic breasts and estrogen induced disorders.

Pregnant or Breast feeding mom's should always consult with their physician before using any medicine whether natural or synthetic. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Medical Benefits of Fasting"

:::Medical benefits of fasting Ramadan:::

Fasting Ramadan is an obedience to Allah the Almighty, Who said in His Honourable Book; “O believers, prescribed for you is the fast, even as it was prescribed for those that were before you- happily you will be Allah fearing.” (2: 183)
( يا أيها الذين آمنوا كتب عليكم الصيام كما كتب على الذين من قبلكم لعلكم تتقون )
Fasting is a prescribed duty, and a private relation between man and his Lord, which Allah has guaranteed to reward for it. It was narrated in the Qudsi Hadith that Allah says; “Every act of the son of Adam is for him, except fasting. It is meant (exclusively) for Me and I give reward for it.”

In 1994, the first conference on health benefits of fasting Ramadan was held in Casablanca, Morocco. Around 50 research papers from all over the world incorporating the health benefits of fasting Ramadan were discussed by Muslim and non-Muslim researchers.

The health benefits of fasting are :

Giving The Digestive System Rest:
Ramadan is the period of rest for the digestive system, which is responsible for the metabolism process of food.

*Consequently, The Liver also takes rest as it is the main factory of food metabolism. To achieve this benefit, Muslims should adhere to the tradition (sunnah) of the Prophet(s.a.w.) by abstaining from having too much food after breakfast. The Prophet (PBUH) said; "The son-of-Adam never fills a bowl worse than his belly. Some bites are enough for man to prop his physique. Had he wished otherwise, then one third for his food, and one third for his drink, and one third for his breath."

*It is of benefit to the body that the break of fasting starts with some dates (as indicated in the Prophetic tradition). Dates are rich in Glucose and Fructose, which have a great caloric benefit specially for The Brain, and are useful in raising the level of sugar gradually in blood, thus reducing the feeling of hunger and the need for large quantities of food. 

Moderate Weight Loss
During fasting, the consumption of sugars decreases, and so does the level of sugar in blood. This makes the body rely on providing the needed calories for metabolism by burning sugar stored in the body. Glycogen stored in the liver, and fats in tissues are decomposed and transferred into calories and energy needed by the body. This results in moderate shortage of body weight. Therefore, fasting is considered of great value for overweight persons and stable non-insulin diabetes. 

*Decrease of Cholesterol level in blood.

Several studies proved that cholesterol level in blood during fasting, as well as the rate of precipitating on the walls of arteries have decreased. This in turn reduces the chances of cardiac and cerebrovascular accidents, and prevents the raise of hypertension. Shortage of fats in blood helps reduce stones of gall and choledocus. The Prophet (PBUH) said; “Fast! You will be healthy.”

*Rest of Renal system.

Some studies revealed that abstaining from drinking water for about 10-12 hours is not necessarily bad; it is rather useful in many cases. Concentration of liquids in the body causes moderate dehydration that the body can tolerate, as there is a sufficient liquid reserve, and as long as man has no complaint of renal lithiasis, both kidneys get rest of the process of waste disposing. The prophetic tradition mandates that Suhur (a meal before the dawn) be delayed and Fotoor (the breakfast meal) be expedited, thus reducing the time period of dehydration as much as possible. Shortage of liquids leads in turn to moderate decrease of blood pressure that the normal man can tolerate and be of use to those complaining of hypertension.

*Educational and Psychological benefits

Fasting Ramadan is useful as it has a restraining power over the soul’s whimsies, and an urge to abandon bad habits, specially when the smoker is obliged to abstain from smoking even if for a temporary period, on the hope such abandon will be permanent. This is also applied to drinking too much coffee and tea. The psychological benefits are numerous. The fasting person feels complacent, attains mental and psychological rest, refrains from all that disturbs the integrity of his fasting, and maintains the proper behavior controls, that all reflect positively on the general community. The Prophet said; “Fasting is restraining. When anyone of you is fasting, he should refrain from obscene language or any acts of ignorance. And if anyone slanders him or quarrels with him, he should say; ‘I am fasting, I am fasting.’” Several studies revealed that crime rate in Islamic countries decreases during Ramadan .

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Understanding Your THYROID...and keeping it in shape....

The thyroid, adrenal, sex, gonads, pituitary glands... are all controlled by higher centers of the brain and nervous systems. All of these Glands secrete horomones into the blood stream in an attempt to bring balance within the body. The Endoctrine System is made up of these glands that secretes the horomones and they are located in the intestines, kidneys, lungs, heart, and blood vessels. These Glands try and maintain homeostasis (meaning that they are trying to keep your system balanced and stabilized.) ...So when the "Pituitary gland" which is like the "Master Gland" is not well, the thyroid and other glands will not be at its best, and in turn your metabolism becomes effected and possibly off balance.

Glands are an integrated part of the bodys' system and they determine your size, weight, stature, hair distribution, sound of your voice, emotions, occurance of head pain, etc... So take care of yourselves, but if you are having Thyroid problems.
These foods should be included in the diet for HYPERTHYROIDISM.
Protien Based Foods
Whole Grains
Healthy Fats

These foods should be included in the diet for HYPOTHYROIDISM.
whole grains
Fatty Fish (Omega3's)

*Avoid refined foods, sugar, dairy products, wheat, caffeine, and alcohol.

*Essential fatty acids are an anti-inflammatory and necessary for hormone production.
Some Suppliments should include Taking 1,000 to 1,500 mg flaxseed oil three times per day. Calcium (1,000 mg per day) and magnesium (200 to 600 mg per day) help many metabolic processes function correctly.
Bee Pollen stimulates the brain, give a huge boost of energy, and a key fact about bee pollen is that it is a source of complete nutrition. Bee pollen is richer in protein than any flesh-based food. Gram for gram, bee pollen supplements contain more amino acids than fish, beef, or eggs.

NOTE:*If you are allergic to pollen, Bee pollen should NOT be used*
*40% of women develop sluggish thyroid, due to contraceptives*
* Always Consult with your practitioner first*

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Natural Sleep Aid...Cottage Cheese

A serving of cottage cheese contains almost double the tryptophan found in milk (140 mg), but like milk, cottage cheese is rich in calcium, a mineral that assists the body in making melatonin. Note: Eating a heavy meal or snack close to bedtime can actually keep you awake, try cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon, berries, or sliced banana for a light, simple sleepy time snack.

*Calorie Buster* ...Jumping Rope

Yes this age old childhood favorite can help you burn up to 113 calories by getting in 100 jumps per minutes and up to 1000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient workouts possible.
(1) Jumping tones muscles in the entire body.
(2) It develops long lean muscles in all major muscle groups, both upper and lower.
(3) Jumping rope optimizes cardiovascular conditioning.
(4) It maximizes athletic skills combining agility, coordination, timing, and endurance.
* Remember... keep your body safe from injuries by wearing socks and sneakers with good cushioning in the forefoot*
*Avoid hard surfaces like cement and tile floors, instead try floors that has give such as wood.*
*Don't forget to stretch and warm up.*