Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Loosing Ab Inches and Toning Up"

Loosing weight and loosing inches off the abdomen is not just about crunches and sit-ups, It also takes Cardiovascular exercises like walking, swimming, jogging, etc.... , Even if you have a strong under tone of muscle in your abs, sometimes you may not be able to see it due to fat. Cardiovascular workouts will burn calories/ fat. You must get at least 30 mins of cardiovascular exercise 3 to 5 times a week, bring your heart rate up meaning (raising the bpm: beats per minute) from your resting heart rate as opposed to sitting, lying down, or doing light work. The typical resting heart rate in adults is 60–80 bpm.

If You are Exercising, Your "TARGET HEART RATE" should be:

@20 yrs old=140-170 bpm

@30 yrs old=133-162 bpm

@40 yrs old=126-153 bpm

(Simply calculate 220 minus your age)

Obtaining definition in your abs, require specific targeted exercise like crunches sit ups, and/or weight training. You can actually shape your abs the way you want them, For more Info on Ab exercises:

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