Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Spread Happiness"

"Sunflowers" are the Happiest Flowers! So if you want to bring some happiness home or to the work Place... Head for the farmers market and get the maximum bloom for your money this summer. Here's some SUNFLOWER care tips:

  • Choose Your Sunflower Carefully, by choosing those that are still buds or just about to bloom, You may need to wait a day or so for them to open but, they'll last longer once they do.

  • Snip on a 45 degree angle and cut only about an inch, it will allow more water to get into your sunflowers and in turn they will stay moist longer.

  • Trim them right, pulling off any leaves that sits below the waterline in your vase to keep them from rotting and contaminating the water. also pull off any dead or withered leaves.

"Stay Happy and Prosperous"

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