Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Istinja...True Cleanliness

The Benefit of Istinja is cleanliness of the genital and rectal areas for both men and women. In Islam, Shaving the pubic hair and istinja is a sunnah. Istinja must be done after every time of urination and defecation. You don't need anything fancy or a bidet (pronounced ~Bih-day) as seen above. You only need a water bottle or something to put water in or a container with a spout... Many Mosque and Masjids here in the United States and Public muslim owned places use watering pots due to it being easy to fill lots of water and easy to clean from dust and other particles.

Health Benefits of Istinja:

  • It Promotes Good Hygiene 
  • It Promotes Freshness
  • It Removes Odor
  • It Remove Harmful Bacterium
  • Helps to Resist Urinary Tract Infections
  • Can Relieves Symptoms (such as itching and pain) of Non-Venereal Infections or Ailments.