Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Massage can benefit conditions such as muscle spasms and pain, spinal curvature (lordosis, scoliosis), soreness related injuries and stress, headaches, whiplash, TMJ, and tension related respiratory disorders like bronchial asthma or emphysema. Massage can also help reduce swelling, help correct posture, improve body motion, and facilitate the elimination of toxins. Here are some effects of Massage Therapy as it relates to studies that has been done By: Gertrude Beard, R.N. R. P.T. Former Assoc. Professor of Physical therapy at Northwestern University Medical School, In Chicago Illinois.....

  • Has a sedative effect upon the nervous system and promotes voluntary muscle relaxation.

  • Is effective in promoting recovery from fatigue produced by excessive exercise.

  • Can help break up scar tissue and lessen fibrosis and adhesion's.

  • Can relieve certain types of pain.

  • Increases lymphatic circulation that is very effective in treatments of chronic inflammation.

  • Helps reduce swelling from fractures.

  • Affects circulation and increases blood flow through the muscles.

  • Can loosen mucus and promote drainage of fluids from the lungs by using percussive and vibratory techniques.

  • Can increase peristaltic actions (Muscular contractions) in the intestine to promote fecal elimination.

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