Saturday, June 23, 2012

Can IVF Early In Life Heighten Breast Cancer Risk?

Women who go opt for in vitro fertilization (IVF) early in life, run a heightened risk of developing breast cancer as against who don't undergo the treatment. Findings of a new study suggest.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Keeping Our Men Healthy"... Prostate Health/ Prostatitis Health

We all love the men in our lives. We want them around for a long time with a great quality of life. Although it is their responsibility to do what it takes to stay healthy. There are some things we as women can do to help them. We can begin by reminding them to have a healthier lifestyle by add more of their nutritional, herbal, and supplemental needs and Eliminating or cutting back on some of the things that could be harmful in the long run. 
*If your guy is suffering from Prostatitis this is a great Natural Wellness Plan to start with. Eliminations are a must.
 Signs and symptoms depends on the severity and stage of Prostatitis:
*Flu like symptoms
*Painful and frequent urination
*Fever and chills
*Prostate pain
*Lower back pain
*Occasional blood in semen or urine
*...and more

Nutritional Pluses for the prostate
·         Purified Water (2 to 3 quarts)
·         Whole grains
·         Fresh Fruits
·         Fresh Veggies
·         Pumpkin seeds (raw)
·         Brown Rice Milk (No sugar added)
·         Pure Cranberry juice
·         Coconut Milk (No sugar added)
·         Soy Milk (No sugar added)
·         Almond Milk (No sugar added)
·         Pure Honey
·         Pure Olive Oil
·         Seafood (Fresh water fish Salmon, perch, snapper, etc…)
·         Brewer’s Yeast has natural Zinc
Food Cut backs/Elimination for the Prostate
·         Caffeinated drinks and foods, carbonated drinks, Alcohol, Intoxicants (Including Smoking)
·         Refined Sugars of all kinds
·         Cow’s Milk/ Dairy
·         MSG
·         Additives
·         Preservatives
·         Food Dyes
·         Spicy foods
·         Junk foods
·         Saturated fats
·         Red meats
Supplements for the Prostate
·         Vitamin C 
·         Fish oil or flaxseed oil 
·         Garlic (a natural antibiotic)
·         Quercetin 
·         Solgar Male Multivitamins 
·         Vitamin B6 
Herbs for the prostate
·         Echinacea, golden seal, olive leaf, saw palmetto
·         cayenne, nettle, pygeum
·         pumpkin seed oil encapsulated
·         *Chelation Therapy for toxin removal.
·        * Organic Lifestyle, *sitz baths for pain relief, *Regular sexual activity, if not painful.
·         *Reduce Cholesterol levels, if cholesterol is high.
Exercise Routine
·        *Walking- (daily) for exercise purposes. An exercise routine like walking is good for this ailment. Do not ride a normal bike; it puts pressure on the prostate.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Benefits of Peppers

Peppers come in an array of colors including brown and black. They are beautiful and overflowing with nutrients. They are loaded with Vitamins A, C, B6, and folates; which helps in burning fat, fighting disease, and keeping skin healthy and beautiful! Peppers wards off strokes, reduces high cholesterol, and contains 110 grams of water which is also excellent for weight loss. Peppers do not have a significant amount of cholesterol, sodium, or fat and at its highest caloric count peppers consist of approximately 50 calories. 

Here is my orange pepper sauce that can be used in many dishes. Pepper sauces are excellent alternatives for those who are allergic to tomatoes. It can be used in soups, pasta's, meats, etc... and it works great as a pizza sauce! The basic ingredients used in this recipe is orange peppers, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, onions, garlic, salt, black pepper. I like adding other herbs and spices to create different tastes. Ex: When making pizza sauce I like to use Italian Seasoning or basil and sometimes honey for sweetness & added nutrients.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Honey Toner

This toner is good for acne, blemishes, as a humectant (helping skin retain its moisture) 

When it come to skin, Honey is most wonderful due to its ability to soften and heal. This simple recipe is a tried and true one! Me and My daughter LOVE IT!
1 tbsp of Honey
1 tsp of Fresh Lemon Juice
1 tbsp of Rose Water
2 tbsp of witch hazel
-Mix all ingredients together. 
-Pour into a clean bottle with a lid.
-Apply to your face 
This toner may feel sticky at first. This stickiness tends to disappear the longer the solution sits (approx: 5 days)
You may want to rinse your face with cool water for the first week of use.
... Use for Acne, blemishes, and moisturizer...
By Janice Cox. "Natural Beauty At Home"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Misbeliefs In Ones Thinking and Depression"

There's something in all of our lives we'd like to change. Nobody's life circumstances are perfect. But, "What are you telling yourself about these circumstances?" Many time people bring on a depressed state by what they are actually uttering to "themselves" about themselves. You can actually brain wash yourself into thinking negatively about yourself and your life.
::::::Misbelief's and the BLAME GAME::::::
Most people who are dealing with misbelief's in their thinking, typically wants to put blame on something or someone. (Example)
"Why do I feel the way I do?" "Its my wife, she makes me feel this way." or "It's all my husband fault." " My job isn't satisfying me." "My friends are disappointing me." or "My kids are a disappointment."
 :::::Test Yourself::::::
Here's a small test for you is to listen to the words you are telling yourself like "I Am All Alone." "Nobody Loves Me or Cares About Me." "Nobody Wants to Be With Me." "I Am Rejected and Useless." If these are the words/sentences you are using. You have "Misbelief's in Your Patterns of Thinking, which can destroy your ability to have healthy thinking, and as a result causing depression."

:::::Exercise to Change Your Thinking::::: 
  • INSTEAD OF SAYING: "I'm a failure and no good." 
  • SAY: "The Project failed, but I can always restart or redo it, because I am able and blessed."

  • INSTEAD OF SAYING: "I'm so lonely and miserable."
  • SAY: "I am alone, but not lonely, My Lord is always with me."

  • INSTEAD OF SAYING: "I am separated from my family, and there is no joy anymore for me."
  • SAY: "I am separated from my family and it hurts, but I can function through the hurt, My Lord has brought me this far and has not left me."

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Incomplete Information?

Do you feel like someone fell asleep on a study of the drug that your doctor prescribed you?
Are you feeling skeptical about your medical treatment?
A Word Of Advice: 
Don't be uninformed or misinformed when it comes to your heath. Ask all the questions you need until your mind is at ease. Your physicians are there to help and they are paid for their services. So if they are impatient; in which, I would hope they wouldn't be...
*Remember, there are others who would be happy to have you as a patient and answer your questions completely and patiently.