Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Keeping Our Men Healthy"... Prostate Health/ Prostatitis Health

We all love the men in our lives. We want them around for a long time with a great quality of life. Although it is their responsibility to do what it takes to stay healthy. There are some things we as women can do to help them. We can begin by reminding them to have a healthier lifestyle by add more of their nutritional, herbal, and supplemental needs and Eliminating or cutting back on some of the things that could be harmful in the long run. 
*If your guy is suffering from Prostatitis this is a great Natural Wellness Plan to start with. Eliminations are a must.
 Signs and symptoms depends on the severity and stage of Prostatitis:
*Flu like symptoms
*Painful and frequent urination
*Fever and chills
*Prostate pain
*Lower back pain
*Occasional blood in semen or urine
*...and more

Nutritional Pluses for the prostate
·         Purified Water (2 to 3 quarts)
·         Whole grains
·         Fresh Fruits
·         Fresh Veggies
·         Pumpkin seeds (raw)
·         Brown Rice Milk (No sugar added)
·         Pure Cranberry juice
·         Coconut Milk (No sugar added)
·         Soy Milk (No sugar added)
·         Almond Milk (No sugar added)
·         Pure Honey
·         Pure Olive Oil
·         Seafood (Fresh water fish Salmon, perch, snapper, etc…)
·         Brewer’s Yeast has natural Zinc
Food Cut backs/Elimination for the Prostate
·         Caffeinated drinks and foods, carbonated drinks, Alcohol, Intoxicants (Including Smoking)
·         Refined Sugars of all kinds
·         Cow’s Milk/ Dairy
·         MSG
·         Additives
·         Preservatives
·         Food Dyes
·         Spicy foods
·         Junk foods
·         Saturated fats
·         Red meats
Supplements for the Prostate
·         Vitamin C 
·         Fish oil or flaxseed oil 
·         Garlic (a natural antibiotic)
·         Quercetin 
·         Solgar Male Multivitamins 
·         Vitamin B6 
Herbs for the prostate
·         Echinacea, golden seal, olive leaf, saw palmetto
·         cayenne, nettle, pygeum
·         pumpkin seed oil encapsulated
·         *Chelation Therapy for toxin removal.
·        * Organic Lifestyle, *sitz baths for pain relief, *Regular sexual activity, if not painful.
·         *Reduce Cholesterol levels, if cholesterol is high.
Exercise Routine
·        *Walking- (daily) for exercise purposes. An exercise routine like walking is good for this ailment. Do not ride a normal bike; it puts pressure on the prostate.

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