Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Misbeliefs In Ones Thinking and Depression"

There's something in all of our lives we'd like to change. Nobody's life circumstances are perfect. But, "What are you telling yourself about these circumstances?" Many time people bring on a depressed state by what they are actually uttering to "themselves" about themselves. You can actually brain wash yourself into thinking negatively about yourself and your life.
::::::Misbelief's and the BLAME GAME::::::
Most people who are dealing with misbelief's in their thinking, typically wants to put blame on something or someone. (Example)
"Why do I feel the way I do?" "Its my wife, she makes me feel this way." or "It's all my husband fault." " My job isn't satisfying me." "My friends are disappointing me." or "My kids are a disappointment."
 :::::Test Yourself::::::
Here's a small test for you is to listen to the words you are telling yourself like "I Am All Alone." "Nobody Loves Me or Cares About Me." "Nobody Wants to Be With Me." "I Am Rejected and Useless." If these are the words/sentences you are using. You have "Misbelief's in Your Patterns of Thinking, which can destroy your ability to have healthy thinking, and as a result causing depression."

:::::Exercise to Change Your Thinking::::: 
  • INSTEAD OF SAYING: "I'm a failure and no good." 
  • SAY: "The Project failed, but I can always restart or redo it, because I am able and blessed."

  • INSTEAD OF SAYING: "I'm so lonely and miserable."
  • SAY: "I am alone, but not lonely, My Lord is always with me."

  • INSTEAD OF SAYING: "I am separated from my family, and there is no joy anymore for me."
  • SAY: "I am separated from my family and it hurts, but I can function through the hurt, My Lord has brought me this far and has not left me."


  1. I really enjoyed this information. I believe that positive thinking leads to good with and in one-self and negative thinking leads to bad with and in one-self. I believe that it all starts and ends in the power of thought. (softsmile)

  2. Peace & glad to see you resume posting! Good info; will share.Spoken word, be it aloud, written or what we utter internally has the power to create or destroy. All of us must take care to speak the best of every situation. Friends call me lucky because seemingly random good things come my way. I tell them good comes because that's what I expect. I say to myself (on a regular basis) "God wants best for me & there is only good before me". Anyone is free to use this statement until they truly believe that the universe is "conspiring" to co-create whatever they truly desire. Once they BELIEVE it, it will happen; God is most merciful. Peace to you all!

    1. Peace and Blessing to you too Ruqayyah! Thank you for your warm welcome back, I really appreciate it. You are such a beautiful and encouraging positive spirit, May God always bless you to be this way... Ameen. BTW. I miss your funny laugh... lol!

    2. Thanks for sending this to me.. I want it to resonate in my spirit... I shall read it again as a reminder....