Saturday, July 7, 2012

Misbeliefs in Ones Thinking and Anger

Many times in relationships we have a false sense of demands, understandings, or perceptions about how life should be with companions mainly "friends and family." Most times anger, frustrations, and disappointments arise when we feel out of control of a situation, when people are not adhering to the things we think they should; which is plainly our level of understanding, but it may not be theirs; or possibly when things are not coming together as we want them to. The Emotion of anger is just as natural as breathing and so it happens. However; we must learn techniques on how to control our anger and not allow it to linger into resentment. The lingering anger is a spiritual issue that will deface spiritual happiness, in-turn; causing diseases of the mind, body, and spirit.
-"You" are telling yourself your marriage is going to be this way or that way.... "You're" implanting misbeliefs.
-"You" are telling yourself your children will be like this or that, and They will never do that... "You" are (or) have implanted misbeliefs.
-"You" are placing all of your trust in others..."You" may be frustrated plenty, because "You" have implanted a misbeliefs.
-"You" are placing expectation on others, "You" may be highly disappointed, because "You" have implanted a misbelief.


Instead of Saying: My Wife is terrible because she even treats the dog better than she treats me.
Say: She is not treating me the way I would expect, but life with her is not intolerable, we have good times.

Instead of Saying: My kids are such failures, They are an embarrisment.
Say: My children are God-Given, and although I would prefer for them to act differently, I can look at the beauty that God has put in them, God knows best.

Instead of Saying: The people I have around me are a waist of my time, money and breath.
Say:The people that are around me, are around for a reason, so what and when I give to them, I give not as a barter, ploy or sway; but as a charity that I may find with my Lord one day.

*** This technique is not for abusive or oppressive matters, There is a difference.***