Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"21 Reasons to Start Walking."

1. Walking Trims your waist line.
2. Walking lowers your risk of cancer (Especially breast and colon cancer.)
3. Walking prevents weight gain.
4. Walking helps you build lean muscles.
5. Walking Pumps up your metabolism.
6. Walking helps you loose inches of fat.
7. Walking reduces risk of strokes. (Top killers of Men and Women)
8. Walking reduces the risk of heart disease. (Top killers of Men and Women)
9. Walking reduces the risk of diabetes. (it helps maintain blood sugar balance.)
10. Walking boost brain power. (Makes the mind sharper.)
11. Walking improves your mood.
12. Walking decreases stress.
13. Walking can prevent erectile dysfunction.
14. Walking is an energy booster.
15. Walking helps with arthritis pain.
16. Walking builds strength.
17. Walking reduces the risk of Osteoporosis.
18. Walking maintains joint flexibility.
19.Walking strengthen bones.
20. Walking is GREAT for All the systems in the body, especially The Cardiovascular and Digestive System.
21 Walking is ultra eeeeeeasy and natural.

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