Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Understanding You...

Every health care professional should have a basic understanding of Anatomy and physiology. This includes knowledge of how the body is organized, how its parts function together, and how its structures and functions may be affected by disease and other factors. To build this understanding, health care professionals must be familiar with basic anatomy and physiology terms, body references planes, the content of the body cavities, body regions, and the principles of homeostasis. 

But, everyone should take a little time to build a basic understandings about their bodies as well. You are the best to understand how you're feeling and with a little help and understanding of what's going on inside of you, You can treat simple illnesses or even powerful ones,... naturally.  For many ailments allopaths recommend pharmaceuticals, but pharmaceutical are not always needed, nor are they always the answer. They can effect our prayers, relationships with others, judgement, and our over all quality of life (negatively). You can treat or heal yourself "naturally" with little to no side effects. All it takes is the knowledge of "you;" "Your Anatomy and Physiology," your illness, and a comprehensive understanding of holistic health. Thereafter, you may find that Nutritional, Fitness, and Spiritual Exercises were the answer. Maybe an old herbal remedy or salve you remember from your parents or grandparents recipe box. 

So, get started familiarizing yourself with "You" and you'll feel a sense of confidence walking into your practitioner office because you'll have some knowledge of what he or she is saying, and you will have the power of choice for healing.

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