Sunday, October 28, 2012

Male Breast Cancer Awareness

Although breast cancer among men is not common, it is still a very real risk. Men should equally become aware of the signs and symptoms just the same as women. Based on the finding of the CDC and The National Cancer Institute, breast cancer among men can happen at any age; However, the most targeted ages are between 60-70 yrs old.
 Anatomy of the male breast; drawing shows the nipple, areola, fatty tissue, ducts, nearby lymph nodes, ribs, and muscle.Men are much more simpler to study than women. Their risk of developing breast cancer is not complicated by factors of reproduction, breast feeding, menstruation and hormones replacement therapy. But, Environmental factors and toxins can link to breast cancer in males. Example: There is new evidence that chemical pollution may be linked to breast cancer in males at Camp Lejeune, Military base in North Carolina.... "Almost 80 men who lived or were born at Camp Lejeune have been diagnosed with male breast cancer. EWG has urged Congress and the Obama administration to stand up for these men and their dependent children. Pollution at Camp Lejeune is the largest incident of environmental contamination at any U.S. military facility on record...."

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