Sunday, November 25, 2012

"25 Herbal Must Haves" for your Herbal Medicine Cabinet

There is nothing worse than feeling the onset of Sickness and wanting to Reach for Something Natural but, its not there. Well Here are 25 Items that I thought would be Helpful to keep on hand. Most you can find at your local "Whole Food Store" or "The Natural Health" section of your local grocery store. Many you can easily travel with as well!
(1)   Prevention is the Key to staying healthy; therefore, with seasonal allergies and colds you would want to have a head start on tackling them, It will lessen your chances of being sick.
(2) Natural Medicines are not like synthetic medicines. Therefore:
 a) They can work, but you must give them time to enter into your system.
 b) There is little to no side effects. 
 c) They work smoothly within the systems of the body for Optimal Healing.

*Echinacea (Great for Colds, Allergies, Immune Builder)
*Hops (Headaches, Pain, Relaxation)
*Valerian (Pain, Relaxation, Herbal Sedative))
*Brahmi (Stress, Depression, Memory Aid)
*Kava (Relaxation, Stress Reliever) 
*Blackseed (Over All Immune Booster and Supporter, Complete Wellness)
*Chickweed (Allergy Eyes, Wind burns, Colds)
*Honey (Over All Immune Booster and Supporter, Anti- Inflammatory, Complete Wellness)
*Lemon (Cold Flu Symptoms, Skin Aid)
*Ginger (Digestive System Aid, Nausea, Cold and Flu Symptoms) 
*Cranberry Juice or capsules (Urinary System, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant)  
*Blueberry juice or capsules (Urinary System -when taken with cranberry juice-, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant)
*Aloe Vera (Skin- Burns and Healing) 
*Garlic Fresh and Encapsulated (Antibiotic, Blood Cleanser, Immune Supporter)
*Cod Liver Oil Capsules (Arthritis, Bronchitis, Immune Supporter) 
*Vitamin B Complex (Nervous System Support, Mood Lifter, Energy Booster) 
*Ginseng (Energy Booster)
*Vitamin C (Disease Fighter, Immune Supporter)
*Chamomile (Relaxation Enhancer and Stress Reliever)
*Elderberry ( Immune Booster and Supporter, Antioxidant, Cold and Flu Fighter)
*Vitamin D (Mood Enhancer, Bone Support)
*Probiotics (Digestive Support, Replacing Healthy Fighters Bacteria)
*Peppermint Tea or leaves (Cold and flu Fighter
*Iron (Floradix Liquid Iron) (Blood Builder, Energy Enhancer)
*Olive oil (Anti-inflammatory, Skin and Hair Softener, Heart Healthy)

NOTE: Try and Stick with organic. Watch out for capsules with added sugars, starches, pork derived products. Pregnant and Breast Feeding Moms should always consult with a physician before using any medicines whether natural or synthetic. ** For Awareness and Educational Purposes**