Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Quick Self Check for Anemia"

Iron Deficiency Anemia is easy to treat and correct if you and/or your physician knows it's there. Physician have been known to miss anemia, confusing it with other ailments such as emotional problems or nervous conditions. Instead of depending solely on your physician, there are ways to self check.

  • Press down for 2 seconds on an unpolished fingernail (The nail bed). The area will turn white, stop pressing and note how long it takes to return pink. 1-2 seconds is normal. The longer it takes for the pink to return, the more likely that you have anemia. 
  • Gently pulling down the lower eyelids is another way to tell... If the blood vessels underneath your eyes are very pale, you may have anemia.
If you feel as if you may have anemia, you should see your physician (ND or MD). More serious problems can occur if left untreated.

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