Tuesday, January 22, 2013

20 Great Fact about Raspberry Leaf/Tea

*It's an Uterine Relaxant
*Helps Prevent and Heal Canker Sores
*Helps Prevent and Heal Cold Sores
*Heals Gingivitis
*Prevents Anemia
*Leg Cramps
* Relieves Diarrhea
*Relieves Morning Sickness
*Has Vitamin A
*Has Vitamin B
*Has Iron 
*Has Calcium
*Has Magnesium
*Has Phosphorus
*Has Potassium
*Relieves Menstrual Cramping
*Helps with Menorrhea
*Detoxifies from an overload of Hormones
*It taste great cold or hot
*It's pretty Safe...I have taken it as a teen many years ago.
::: Pregnant and Lactating Mom's should always consult with a their physician (ND or MD) before taking any medication or supplements whether Natural or Synthetic...KCG, M.N.Psy
(This Is For Your Awareness Only.)
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