Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Understanding Hay Fever"

Although most of us love the "April Showers That Bring May Flowers" Concept of Spring; Spring can be a time of ToRcHeR for HAY FEVER Sufferers. 

HAY FEVER which is another name for Allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane,  because of its primary symptoms of itchy watery eyes, nasal stuffiness, sneezing, congestion, sore throat, etc... 

Hay fever is most commonly associated with pollen. However; some beliefs are that hay fever is an immune system disorder. If so, there are alternative treatments and preventative measure that exist. So lets learn to keep a healthier respiratory system.

First preventative measure is to know triggers, such as diet and nutritional do’s and don’ts, seasonal triggers, and start gearing up on vitamins and nutrients, try using herbal medicines, and hydrotherapy. 

Be very careful, some herbals with extended use or over use can cause allergies. 
*Pollen sufferers should not take B Pollen.
*Chamomile overuse can cause ragweed allergies.
*Ragweed sufferers should not take Echinacea, it is in the ragweed family.

"Here is a link of useful herbals for Hay Fever and other Respiratory Infections." http://kcgherbals.blogspot.com/search/label/RESPIRATORY%20SYSTEM
"Here is a link to some Quick and Useful tips for upper respiratory illness:"

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