Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Understanding Allergies

Allergies have become a serious epidemic in the west. Every year this epidemic increases by 10%, which; if left unchecked, could produce a larger, more serious problem for our western countries. However; this equally speaks a lot about the pollutants that are contaminating our air, water, and food supply. There are many types of allergic reactions. Allergens effects everyone differently. You may experience allergies to one thing, or you may have a combination of problems. But regardless to whether a person is allergic to one thing or several things, reactions should always be counted as serious matter. 

Allergies can mask and present themselves as: Skin irritants & Acne, Depression, Sore Mouth, Digestive Problems, Weight Gain, Tiredness, Moodiness, Respiratory Ailments and more...

We must be aware that a great deal of what we ingest has a lot to do with our quality of life. We must learn to eat and drink those things that will give our bodies the proper nutrients and minerals that are needed in order to sustain a healthy and strong immune system. We must also take heed to the warning signs of our body’s rejection of certain foods, chemicals, and toxins that we come in contact with.  We should note how our body reacts to intolerable foods, cosmetic, household items, and environments. Whether your allergies over react to a foreign substance or you're suffering with a weak immune system, it is the bodies way of rejecting things that are either abnormal, unidentified, or a hazard to our well being. 

Tip: Get allergy tested, It can help... At least you will know what your fighting against...

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