Sunday, February 10, 2013

"The Art of Gratitude in the Face of Trials."

"Living With Gratitude is Truly an Art." When you add gratitude to your life, Life takes on a whole new out look. Challenges seems accomplish-able, Trials seem manageable, and your journey will seem effortless. Gratitude is the art of being able to be thankful or appreciative for "ALL" things. Sometimes in life, we may see our struggles as a hindrance but... "Are They really?" Struggles are meant for strength training, not to weaken us. Our trial are meant to make us wiser and resourceful (mentally, physically, spiritually, nutritionally, financially, etc...), They are not meant to bury us. Although, many have literally buried themselves in self-pity and grief, leading to their own destruction and/or demise.

As we walk through our journey of life, It takes less effort and work when we learn the art of being grateful. Although, I am the first to realize that feeling grateful when in a trial, can sometimes be a distant thought, a complete fog... but, we must remember several things:

  • What are we to learn from these trials? 
  • How can I pass them? 
  • Am I dealing with this effectively?
  • Am I dealing with this rationally?
  • What can I do to not find my self in this situation again?
  • Is my actions appropriate and will GOD (Highly Glorified is He) be pleased with them?
Our lives and our trials are as different as finger prints, What may be a negative trial for one person, could very well be a positive trial for someone else. Having gratitude will help us see things a little more clearly, with a brighter outlook, and the ability to think positive. Putting the best construction on "matters and people" is "HUGE" when it comes to "Living with the art of gratitude." This will promote rational thinking.
Remember: A trial is like stress, It's not always bad, but it can have the same effects on the mind, body, and spirit.
"Stay Well and Live Life with The Art of Gratitude."


  1. Assalam alaikum

    Very good reminder.

    JazakaAllah Khair

  2. AA, an Excellent reminder, you are absolutlely right about how individual may react differently to trials but handling with patience (sabr) brings huge benefit to our daily struggles.

  3. ....what a beautiful testament of life lessons learned... it gives hope and assurance that ** All*** works together for good and that good cab be ours if only we will remain grate full in **All ***........thank you....great day always....