Sunday, April 14, 2013

Natural Health Junkies with Toxic Attitudes Is a Growing PANDEMIC!

There is nothing worse than seeing a Natural Health Advocate with a Toxic Attitude...Toxic attitudes are worst than toxic foods. There are many who are in the Natural Health Industry Spreading so called knowledge, but their attitudes are even more toxic than any chemical, additive, or preservative they are advocating against.

NOTE: If you are just going have a Negative Attitude, You should know that It speaks hugely about your own Spiritual, Physical, and Psychological Well-being. Natural Health and Wellness is a Complete Way of Life... and a way of life that we (WHO ARE SHARING) should be practicing ourselves. If we are so passionate about the cause, Then treat yourself FIRST by learning tolerance, acceptance, kindness, patience, along with other health matters. *Remember everyone has different levels of understanding, and None of us is the ALL KNOWING... God is... So I ask, What good is it to try and spread knowledge with a bad attitude. Bad attitudes are TOXIC to others but even more towards ONESELF.

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