Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Ole' Friend...THE APPLE!

Apples have been around since the prehistoric times. There is evidence that show that apples were sliced and sun dried for preservation purposes.

 Some of my personal favorite memories when I was a kid is climbing trees with my brother and eating crab apples... (What Great Memories)!

 The Crab Apple are the ancestor to many apples today. Although apples have their own look texture and constituents, apples are members of the Rose and Blossom Family. 

~Here are 20 reason to love and put  apples in your diet.~

(1) Apples contains quercetin which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the brain cell from degeneration. Which can help Prevent Alzheimer's.

(2) Apples are also naturally filled with Fiber. Fiber ferments in the colon which produces cancer fighting chemicals that helps prevent Colon Cancer.

(3) Apples are wonderful at reducing plaque and cleaning the palate, Which helps to fight tooth decay and bad breath.

(4) Apples are a great tamer for sugar cravings, If you reach for an apple instead of simple carbs, It can be great for controlling sugar intake.

(5) Apples can also be helpful for diabetics due to its low Glycemic Index.

(6) Apples are a sweet treat that won't cause sugar blues,... Sugar blues have been associated and misdiagnosed as Depression. 

(7) Apples are packed with fiber so they are great at combating high cholesterol.

(8) Apples are also a heart smart food.

(9) Apples are a wonderful digestive cleanser.

(10) Apples are great immune builders.

(11) Apples are great inflammation reducers.

(12) Apples are wonderful cleansers for the gallbladder and Liver.

(13) Apples has excellent B Complex properties.

(14) Apples are nicely packed with Vitamin C which helps tame inflammation and helps metabolize other vitamins and minerals.

(15) Apples have small amounts of Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium which is good for kidney patients who must watch Potassium intake, but still need these important minerals to stay healthy.

(16) Apples are great for the metabolism, which makes a good food for hypothyroidism.

(17) Apples are sodium free, so they are great for keeping hypertension in check.

(18) Apples has no fat, which is what we all love...a sweet food that won't pack on weight and compromise our cholesterol and lifestyle.

(19) Apples also can be beneficial for diarrhea and constipation.

(20) Apples have thousands of varieties for you to choose from, so what ever your taste buds crave (sour, sweet, crisp, soft, etc...), you will not be disappointed.

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