Sunday, October 20, 2013

Build Salads!

Salad are easy, fulfilling, and a great way to get your nutrients! Salads are a great tool for weight loss and healthy eating when dealing with illnesses.

 Most time when we build a salad we can use the right portions or less, due to how we conceptualize foods and the portions. 

Shahin Chowdhury Made a Garden Salad using Leaft greens, Tomatoes, Lemons and peppers

 Most times when we build a salad we use the leafy greens along with other foods, so we tend to believe that we have a lot of food, but we are really eating less or what our stomachs can hold. 

You can build a salad from almost any food you choose, Just remember to choose wisely according to your illness.

I Made a Cucumber Tomato Salad using Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Dill weed, and Dried Onions Flakes

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Understanding Your Water... (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Tap Water has the advantages of being inexpensive and readily available, however the quality varies. The disadvantage is that the quality can be compromised with chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, parasites, and many more harmful organisms…

Bottled water. The advantages of bottled water and spring water are that many have natural sources of minerals. However the disadvantages are that the containers can spew toxic gases, vinyl chloride and other caustic chemicals.

Ceramic Carbon Filters has advantages removing bacteria, parasites, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, etc… but the disadvantages is that it doesn't remove fluoride, certain heavy metals, viruses, or other small microbes.

Carbon Block Filter has advantages where it removes chlorine, pesticides, solvents; some radioactive contaminants, but the disadvantages are that they don't remove bacteria, asbestos, fluoride, heavy metals and the like…

Mechanical Filters  have advantages that seems to filter out debris, bacteria and large parasites, cysts and kills some bacteria, but the disadvantage here is that it does not remove asbestos, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and most volatile chemicals.

Reverse-Osmosis Filters The advantages is that it removes almost everything except pesticides, radon, and volatile organic compounds but, carbon blocking filters can compensate for this. However, the disadvantage is that it also removes good minerals and leaves the water lifeless.

Granulated Activated Charcoal advantages are that it removes some chemicals, chlorine, mercury, large parasites, etc… but the disadvantages are that it does not remove bacteria or protozoa, asbestos, fluoride, heavy metals, and most radioactive compounds.

Alkaline Water has advantages of restoring acid-base balance in the body and aids in detoxification, but disadvantages is it misses clearing chemicals, fluoride, heavy metal, and viruses.

~In learning about the different types of water and all their Advantages and Disadvantages, this should gives us a complete sense of comfort in adding these knowledge’s into our personal and professional Wellness Planning.~