Sunday, October 20, 2013

Build Salads!

Salad are easy, fulfilling, and a great way to get your nutrients! Salads are a great tool for weight loss and healthy eating when dealing with illnesses.

 Most time when we build a salad we can use the right portions or less, due to how we conceptualize foods and the portions. 

Shahin Chowdhury Made a Garden Salad using Leaft greens, Tomatoes, Lemons and peppers

 Most times when we build a salad we use the leafy greens along with other foods, so we tend to believe that we have a lot of food, but we are really eating less or what our stomachs can hold. 

You can build a salad from almost any food you choose, Just remember to choose wisely according to your illness.

I Made a Cucumber Tomato Salad using Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Dill weed, and Dried Onions Flakes

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