Tuesday, December 3, 2013


***:::I am Looking For 50 girls and Women in Michigan to Train in a New and Innovative Wellness Training Program For the Mind, Body, and Spirit::: ***

(A) The training's will be on (Saturday's and Sunday's)  

(B) This training is Level One (Beginners)... However there are three levels.... (Beginners, Intermediate I, II, III, IV, Advance I, II, III, IV, V)

(C) The movements are delicate and slow so all fitness levels, all ages, even those with illnesses and Ailments) can partake,... Please feel free to wear your abayas and/or niqabs as normal. (There is no reason to remove them.)

(D) I will need DEDICATION For 5 Months (January 2014- May 2014)

(E) Training prices are $25 per Month, per person... (family and/or buddy systems are discounted.)

(F) I will also be looking for dedicated-creative females 16 yrs or older to become trainers... Creating a business for yourself.

*If you are Interested Please Contact Me ASAP.
*A briefing with Complete information on all programs will be given on December 28th 2013, (Times will be announced.)
*Questions and Comments are Welcomed... Please feel free to ask at anytime Whether in email, by phoning me, or in the briefing.
*Thereafter; we will begin on Saturday January 4th and Sunday January 5th.

K.C.Goff, PhD


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