Monday, April 27, 2015

Growing A Green Business...TIP #5

Today, Sending E-cards and Mobile cards seems a little more economical and less time consuming.  But, you can not put a price on a heart felt, friendly good ole' fashion hand delivered greeting card. It shows that someone has slowed down long enough to think about personalizing a greeting. You can still Be in the Green Zone when you want to send thank you notes to your loved ones,  patrons, and die hard supporters. Here are a few tips for "Greeting Green":

(1) You can go with a note card or post card which uses less paper than a standard size greeting card, for the preservation of trees.
(2) You may even want to go with a tree-free paper, which uses agricultural residue like husk, bamboo, hemp, straw, etc..
(3) You can also go with an Eco-Friendly ink such as (Soy Ink). 
And still being in line with ThoughtfulnessBeauty, and your belief for a Greener/ Eco-friendlier world. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Growing A Green Business... TIP #4

If you have an office with a beautiful landscape of flowers, plants, and trees, chances are insects are enjoying your lovely site as well. So, when considering pesticides and insecticides, Go Chemical-Free, After all, when trying to kill off any living thing with synthetic materials, There can easily be hazards and damages done to other living forms. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Growing A Green Business... TIP #3

You can start designing green elements into any business from day one or as soon as possible. Re: Recycle, Recycle, Recycle and buy eco-friendly products!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Growing A Green Business....TIP #2


Add digital messaging to practice green marketing. A great way to market digitally is through social media and blog & banner advertising. The internet provides you with a real time network for communicating with other businesses and your consumers.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Growing A Green Business...TIP #1

A big misconception about taking your company green is that it will cost more money. That's not always true. The use of some green options could save you money, add to profits, or make it possible for you to offer lower-priced products and services than the competition. Consider it... and as time goes I'll post tips on How to "GROW YOUR BUSINESS GREEN."

Friday, April 10, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

"The Benefits of Beet Greens"

:::Beet greens are highly beneficial and packed with great nutrients! Among these nutrients are:::: 
~Vitamin A
~Vitamin B
~Vitamin C
~ Fiber
~Vitamin K
~and full of Antioxidants

::::There have been studies done on beet greens helps with::::
~Blood Clotting due to it's Vitamin K properties.
~Great for nerve support due to it's B vitamin content, mainly B 1,2, 3, and 6 which may help Alzheimer's.
~It Helps with Calcium to strengthen bones and help with osteoporosis.
~Vitamin A Helps with night blindness.
~ Beets are a great Kidney Cleanser.
~Beet greens have a higher concentration of iron than spinach and the root itself.
~Helps stimulate the immune system for fighting disease killing free radicals.
*Beets greens are High in Vitamin K, So if you are on Blood thinners...Please be cautious and take care
*Beets are have a higher potassium rating, so if you have kidney disease... Please be cautious and take care. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Natural Sweetener: Brown Rice Syrup


Brown Rice Syrup has a consistency of honey and has a caramel like flavor, because it is a whole food sweetener, it is thought to be one or the healthiest sweeteners you can have. Although it metabolizes slowly, it still has calories and it is still a carbohydrate. So, it should be used w/ caution if you are diabetic or you have a low-carb lifestyle
However there are many wonderful benefits: 

  •  Doesn't cause sugar Rush
  • It has a Mild sweetness
  • Active enzymes which help break down complex carbs to soluble carbs
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Good Source of minerals
  • Has Magnesium 
  • Has Potassium
  • Is a good source of Iron
  • Very good source of B vitamins
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Relaxes the muscles  
  • Relaxes nerves 
  • Relaxes blood vessels  
  • Relieves MIGRAINES,
  • Relieves ASTHMA symptoms 
(Potassium mixed with low sodium will maintain the blood pressure and reduce water retention)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Children and Headaches... Where are they coming from?

HEADACHES...Most of us adults have had them,... but when our children say that they have a headache we can sometimes feel helpless in knowing what is the best course of action to take as it relates to something natural. Some children are prone to migraines and have them from a very early age, but where are they coming from and how to stop them is the question. After you have checked to see if a medication is the problem, changes in sleep patterns, stress, and other common factors... here are just other simple checks you can do on your child first before being referred to a Neurologist.

***Do an Eye, Ear, Nasal, Mouth, and Food Allergy Check***

-Check their NASAL PASSAGES to see if they are clogged or swollen. Clogged or swollen Nasal Passages could mean less air being able to flow through. Less air can means a headaches, dizziness, lethargy.  Swollen passages can mean sinuses.

-Check their TEETH to see if their gums are swollen and/or inflamed or if there are cavities. As we all know cavities can give a combination of tooth and headaches. Swollen and inflamed gums can mean infection.

-If your child wears GLASSES, ask the optometrist to check the strength of their prescription in their glasses. If their eyes have not been check recently, have them checked for glasses. Also, monitor computer, game, and television time as well. Check for proper lighting in your home.

-Children below 2-3 yrs, watch to see if they are pointing, holding, or pulling at their EARS, this could mean an ear infection or earache. Earaches can give headaches as well. See your ND or MD for the best care.

-Lastly, but not least... This is probably more common than you realize... "FOODS ALLERGIES." When the body is rejecting something, that rejection can show up in so many different ways. Such as, stomachaches, headaches, tongue allergies, swellings, breakouts, fevers, swollen lymph, tiredness, behaviors, etc... So in children, we must pay special attention to what they eat or we may face many doctors or emergency room visits. In this day and time we can be allergic to anything...Including our water supply because of chemicals in our ecosystem.

:::Start by monitoring foods:::
EXAMPLE:  write down all foods eaten that day or before the headache occurred,  If there was a complete dinner, do not serve the same food combinations again. only serve one particular food at a time from the prior combination, and serve alone or with something different. If a headache occurs, you will know the culprit.

Once we have figure out where the headaches are deriving, we will better know how to help our children holistically. You can check with your local whole food stores for many holistic remedies and I will blog about more of these remedies in the future.

Take Care and Stay Well

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