Monday, April 27, 2015

Growing A Green Business...TIP #5

Today, Sending E-cards and Mobile cards seems a little more economical and less time consuming.  But, you can not put a price on a heart felt, friendly good ole' fashion hand delivered greeting card. It shows that someone has slowed down long enough to think about personalizing a greeting. You can still Be in the Green Zone when you want to send thank you notes to your loved ones,  patrons, and die hard supporters. Here are a few tips for "Greeting Green":

(1) You can go with a note card or post card which uses less paper than a standard size greeting card, for the preservation of trees.
(2) You may even want to go with a tree-free paper, which uses agricultural residue like husk, bamboo, hemp, straw, etc..
(3) You can also go with an Eco-Friendly ink such as (Soy Ink). 
And still being in line with ThoughtfulnessBeauty, and your belief for a Greener/ Eco-friendlier world. 

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