Thursday, April 9, 2015

"The Benefits of Beet Greens"

:::Beet greens are highly beneficial and packed with great nutrients! Among these nutrients are:::: 
~Vitamin A
~Vitamin B
~Vitamin C
~ Fiber
~Vitamin K
~and full of Antioxidants

::::There have been studies done on beet greens helps with::::
~Blood Clotting due to it's Vitamin K properties.
~Great for nerve support due to it's B vitamin content, mainly B 1,2, 3, and 6 which may help Alzheimer's.
~It Helps with Calcium to strengthen bones and help with osteoporosis.
~Vitamin A Helps with night blindness.
~ Beets are a great Kidney Cleanser.
~Beet greens have a higher concentration of iron than spinach and the root itself.
~Helps stimulate the immune system for fighting disease killing free radicals.
*Beets greens are High in Vitamin K, So if you are on Blood thinners...Please be cautious and take care
*Beets are have a higher potassium rating, so if you have kidney disease... Please be cautious and take care. 

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