Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Natural Toothpaste Workshop"

~~~The Mouth gel is a mild fresh mint gel, this gel is perfect for babies and toddlers.

~~~Those who made Toothpaste chose different flavors, however it is for sensitive teeth, and being that it is made with baking soda, It has the ability to give a deep cleansing, while whitening, and cleansing the breath.

~~~The Tooth Powder is made of arrow root powder and baking soda, so it has the ability to nourish sore gums and help heal mouth ailments.

~~~The Mouth Wash is definitely the star of the show. The Cloves mouth wash is mixed with rose water; However, Cloves has the ability to numb when the gums and mouth is sore, yet still clears sinuses, helps with tonsillitis, and open the bronchial tube.

Everyone had a chance to make all mouth cleansers. They took home whatever they made.

They also were given other herbs that were perfect as breath fresheners and would make great tooth paste and mouth Wash

Since there is no chemicals or toxins..~All of these mouth cleansers are completely safe, if swallowed...

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