Monday, June 1, 2015

Eating Fresh and Hand Slaughtered "Zabiha"

Hubby and I purchased for the very first time a chicken that we chose and it was hand slaughtered in front of us... Well, I must say I couldn't watch the slaughter frown emoticon .... However; there were several things that I noticed and I can attest to.
(1) The chickens were cleaner.
(2) Less Fatty
(3) The meat was firm with muscle mass. (A thigh seem more like a breast in comparison to other zabiha chickens that come by the case or packaged)
(4) There was a sweet under tone to this chicken, I don't know why.
(5) None of us were really able to eat a lot of it. (I'm sure its a psychological thing, which may not be a bad thing.)
...anyway, I think I want to start only eating those chicken that are picked by me and hubby and hand slaughtered in front of us. In'sha'Allah and Allahu'Alim.

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