Sunday, June 12, 2016

Homeopathic Allergy/ Sinus Tablets

It's Allergy Season in my home..and every season I'm up at night trying to control never ending coughs and Sleeplessness, naturally. It would be easier if everyone could use the same remedy, but I guess life wasn't meant to be that simple. 

A few months ago, I found that this wonderful little pill that works for my 7 yr olds' cold rainy weather allergies and my 12 yr olds' allergies and adenoids swelling (which can be scary for me (and her) when she's not able to breath smoothly or swallow). 

I am thankful to be working with her ENT in finding Natural Solutions before the final option of surgery.
I discovered that Allercetin works beautifully for both children.
But, I also use other in home remedies for my 12 yr old.

*** PRECAUTION*** It contains ragweed and milk

Update: It's 2019 and Allercetin still works along side of other food grade remedies.
Take Care,
Kalandra Cooke Goff, Ph.D.
Natural Medicine

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