Monday, June 6, 2016

"Love Your Phytochemicals"

 There are Thousands and Thousands of Phytochemicals that has the potential to help you get back to a Quality State of Health.
~Phytochemicals has Antioxidant that protects from cell damage.
~Phytochemicals has Antibacterial properties that helps with inflammation and decrease the formation of blood clots.
~Phytochemicals has Anti-cancerous properties. They neutralizing and eradicate cancer cells.
~Phytochemicals are great for those who suffer with metabolic disorders.
~Phytochemicals are great Digestive cleansers.
~Phytochemicals are great Blood Cleansers.
~Phytochemicals are Heart Healthy.
~Phytochemicals are great for most Kidney Patients.
~Phytochemicals are GREAT BRAIN BOOSTERS!
* Did you know that it is the Phytochemical that makes the beautiful colors and distinguished smells of most of our Natural foods!
Take Care and Eat Well
KC Goff, Ph.D.
Natural Medicine

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