Sunday, August 21, 2016

Recipe: Refreshing Pineapple Mint Drink

This is such a refreshing drink! It taste great, no sugar need and a wonderful after dinner pick me up!
Both pine apples and mint has wonderful heal properties with in them which makes this drink all the more exceptional!
Ingredients: Fresh---> Pineapple, Mint, Purified Water, Hint of Cinnamon.

*~MINT Benefits:

-Cleanses Digestive Tract
-Relieves Nausea
-Relieves skin irritation
-Great Blood Cleanser
-Eliminate Toxins
-Whitens Teeth
-Eliminate Bad Breath
...and the List goes on...

*~PINEAPPLE Benefits:

-Aids with Digestion
-Relieves Swelling of joints and muscles
-Increase Potency of Antibiotics
-Relieves ear infections
-Helps with Arthritis
-Prevents Platelet clumping
...and the List Goes On...

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