Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Second Garden 2016

We've been living in this house just shy of one year, I didn't know what a treasures we had because the yard was so desolate and a wreck when got here.

I dreaded leaving the small garden I had at the other house and was use to for 6 yrs (a maple tree, rose bush, and some other plants and a few other things I planted).

But, We quickly learned what a blessing and not to despair over what you leave behind, because God will replace it with something better and something that is good for you.

I am learning so much about gardening and I think I'm growing a little bit of a green thumb (Just a little one, Some stuff I still did so wrong).

We found Blackberries. They were small but ripe and sweet. They are not as big as the ones I remember picking when I was a little girl living in Alabama, but they had the same good wholesome taste. (Not the chemical taste that I taste from the stores).

April showers brought may flowers... , I'm not sure of what each flower is called, but I do know I have a yard full of dandelions and their greens that I am allergic to, Alhamdulillah, Mr. Goff and sons keep the yard cut, Subhan'Allah, because I was truly sick some parts of my Ramadan because I couldn't stay out of the yard!

The cherry blossom tree produces beautiful cherry blossom flowers of two different colors (white and pink).. It also produce cherries, but they didn't ripen completely, falling before maturity, so no cherries this year... :/

I also wanted to make a cherry blossom oil from the flowers, but just didn't do it. Now their gone 

We found what I think is Strawberries, but we were too afraid to taste them!

During Ramadan, We ate what was available from our garden (grape leaves, blackberries, turnips, beet leaves, stevia, spinach, basil, chives)... I actually made a green drink.

 We planted lots of red beans! But we are waiting patiently, and hopeful!

The kids took an active roll in planting! They loved it!

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