Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lovin' My 40's "Just For You"

"Those Who Love You For the Sake of Their Lord"

There will come these beautiful souls, that will love you for the sake of their Lord! You probably won't know why and neither will they.

They will give to you, desiring nothing back.
They will keep you company, with beautiful reminders.
They will show you unconditional Love, Nothing tainted or scandalous.

These people are sent on errands from their Lord (Most times they don't know it.)

They just feel the need to assist.

So when they come into your life
Accept them.
Hold on to them.
Cherish them.
They will only be there for a time; as we all will.

A key component to this wonderful gift you've been blessed with is that they will not have this relationship with everyone else (though they are still charitable in heart and soul).

They are just for you, from your Lord.

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