Monday, October 31, 2016

Maroon Lemonade Macaroons

These "Fuchsia Lemonade Macaroons" were not only tasty, but they are pretty and Completely Raw, Completely Healthy (NO Synthetic FOOD COLORING, Lemons was Freshly Squeezed, They are dainty, and make a Wonderful gift for a Ladies get together)!...

I am still building on my cookbook, I'm keeping quiet about this one, including ingredients...
Here are 30 Reasons To Love Fresh or dried Coconuts! (be careful with coconut Oil, butter, etc... It can still raise your cholesterol).
*Liver Cleanser
*Digestive cleanser
*Improves Muscle Mass
*Protects the liver
*Cardiovascular system (A Heart Smart Food)
*Nervous system
*Produces Collagen
*Great protector of connective tissue
*Great source of Iron
*Enamel Protector
*Great for Brain function
*Great Potassium
*Wonderful fiber
*Easy on the Digestive System
*Good source of Magnesium
*Has Vitamin C
*Immune Builder
*Energy Restorer
*Great for the integumentary system (Skin, Hair, and Nails)
*Urinary and Renal Protector
*Improves Your Good Cholesterol (HDL)
*Good for Thyroid function & Pituitary Health
*Protector against Free Radicals
*Helper of Malabsorption Syndrome
*Coconuts are Fulfilling
*Very Diverse

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