Monday, February 6, 2017

Cranberry Lemon Cider

I usually make this un-fermented cider in the Fall/Winter when Cranberries are in season and on sale... It can be served warm or cold with honey to suit your taste. The benefits and healing properties are Excellent!

~Urinary Cleanser
~Blood Cleanser
~Immune Booster
~Inflammation Reducer
~Disease Fighter (Full of antioxidants)
~Digestive Cleanser
~Reduces Hypertension
~Controls Blood Sugar (Careful w/ the honey)
~Cholesterol Reducer
~Lowers your risk of Kidney, Urinary, and Bladder infections.
~Anti Cancer Properties
~Reduces Stone Formation in Kidney, Liver, and Gallbladder.
~Great Source of Vitamin C,
~Great Source of Vitamin E
~Great Source of Vitamin K
~Great Source of Fiber
~Great Source of Copper
~Great Source of iron
~Great Source of potassium
~Great Source of zinc
~Great Source of Manganese
~Great Source of Magnesium
~Great Source of Phosphorus
~ It has some protein.
~Has Amino Acids
~Great help towards weight loss

*Together in combination this drink is wonderful for your overall health!

There is no particular recipe: Just Fresh Lemons, Fresh Cranberries, and Purified, Distilled, or Spring water ( no tap water).
~Add Honey to your taste~

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