Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Live With Peace

Every one has a right to live in peace; which the opposite of agitation or stress.
If your life is not primarily of contentment, then perhaps you should look at removing the agitation from your life.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2018 Women's Wellness Workshop! "Living The Next Chapter"

(Peace and Blessings Be Upon You All).
Thank you dear sisters for coming out to the overview for "Living the Next Chapter" and Registering!
On Sundays (October 7th-Dec 30th) we will have 2 Class times to accommodate both;
-Women and pubescent  girls who need Self Time.
-Mommy's who need the classes but have children. 
(In'sha'Allah I hope to find child care soon for the mommy's).
  • Class I: 11: 00 am = Women and Girls in puberty.
  • Class II: 12:45 pm= Mom's with Children. 
  • (Parent Must be responsible for their own children and Boys should be below age 12) 
Both classes will cover the same information and activities. 
(Spiritual, Nutritional, and Physical Wellness)
Classes are not for a cost, but donations are encouraged to help with activities and expenses.

Please bring comfortable clothing, an exercise mat, and I'll provide the rest, In'sha'Allah.
If there is something more needed, I will share this info in class.

The purpose of these classes is to help you find wellness from all angles 
(Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Nutritional).
Activities and information will be healing, balanced, and rewarding for those who try and are consistent.

This is a stress free/judgement free zone, so no worries just do your best and you'll do fine. 
I'm Looking forward to seeing you all!
**** Please register, Space is limited.****
~Take Care and Explore Natural Healing~

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Turning the Page

When the time comes to turn the page in your life, you will be well aware. You will not have to ask for anyone's advice, You will not need permission, you will simply turn the page and know that the old page is finished and the new page is waiting with new adventures, new mysteries, and ready to fill your heart with new memories..

Monday, August 13, 2018

How Battles Within are Won

Addictions stem from our unresolved weakness.
and those weaknesses becomes our trials.

When we leave our lower desires unchecked,
the result is a damaged life and soul. 

Resolving this turmoil is easy on the tongue, 
but difficult in the breast. 

This task/challenge takes work... "hard work". 

The desire will always want to return to what's familiar with, 

what comforts it, even if its the wrong thing.

But, the true warrior within you will not waiver or submit. 
The true warrior within will withstand the fight
no matter how tough the battle becomes, no matter how weak you become.

The Ruh (Soul) realizes that the battle will possibly be life long and can only truly be won when the desire is seized by its creator.

This is How Battles are Won Within
Remember Your Prayers.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Awareness is a brave move, yet uncomfortable.

Having awareness allows you to make informed choices and decisions about a matter.
Sometimes it take research, trial and error, and the ability to think rationally.
Awareness brings things into focus and should help you to make wise choices, but sometimes it doesn't. Many times it sends people fleeting away from the truth.

Moving into awareness of things that can be beneficial and following the path that it takes you to is a brave thing, yet sometimes very uncomfortable. Awareness is turning on lights in a place that was once dark to clearly see your surroundings and what you're up against. 
It can save your life.
Take Care and Stay Aware

Monday, July 23, 2018

The 4 Ingredient~No bake~Healthy Chocolate Bars

These are such wonderful chocolaty bars, you'll almost forget they are healthy. These bars are quick, simple, and inexpensive to make... Ingredients include: Oats flour, Almonds, honey, cacao