Monday, August 13, 2018

How Battles Within are Won

Addictions stem from our unresolved weakness.
and those weaknesses becomes our trials.

When we leave our lower desires unchecked,
the result is a damaged life and soul. 

Resolving this turmoil is easy on the tongue, 
but difficult in the breast. 

This task/challenge takes work... "hard work". 

The desire will always want to return to what's familiar with, 

what comforts it, even if its the wrong thing.

But, the true warrior within you will not waiver or submit. 
The true warrior within will withstand the fight
no matter how tough the battle becomes, no matter how weak you become.

The Ruh (Soul) realizes that the battle will possibly be life long and can only truly be won when the desire is seized by its creator.

This is How Battles are Won Within
Remember Your Prayers.

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