Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2018 Women's Wellness Workshop! "Living The Next Chapter"

(Peace and Blessings Be Upon You All).
Thank you dear sisters for coming out to the overview for "Living the Next Chapter" and Registering!
On Sundays (October 7th-Dec 30th) we will have 2 Class times to accommodate both;
-Women and pubescent  girls who need Self Time.
-Mommy's who need the classes but have children. 
(In'sha'Allah I hope to find child care soon for the mommy's).
  • Class I: 11: 00 am = Women and Girls in puberty.
  • Class II: 12:45 pm= Mom's with Children. 
  • (Parent Must be responsible for their own children and Boys should be below age 12) 
Both classes will cover the same information and activities. 
(Spiritual, Nutritional, and Physical Wellness)
Classes are not for a cost, but donations are encouraged to help with activities and expenses.

Please bring comfortable clothing, an exercise mat, and I'll provide the rest, In'sha'Allah.
If there is something more needed, I will share this info in class.

The purpose of these classes is to help you find wellness from all angles 
(Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Nutritional).
Activities and information will be healing, balanced, and rewarding for those who try and are consistent.

This is a stress free/judgement free zone, so no worries just do your best and you'll do fine. 
I'm Looking forward to seeing you all!
**** Please register, Space is limited.****
~Take Care and Explore Natural Healing~

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