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    Welcome to WellScript

AsSalaamu Alaykum warahmatu Allahi wa Barakatuh
‚ÄčWelcome to WellScript
‚ÄčNaturopathic Care for Women and their Families

Spiritual Care

There will be things that you hear, see, or feel that will shake your very core. Some things you'll handle effortlessly, others will be a challenge. However, preparing the spirit soundly and firmly is key for your spiritual well-being.

Physical Care

A body without activity, is like a mind without thoughts. The body will not work to its potential. Our bodies were made for movement; therefore, when we are sedentary for too long, we are subjecting our bodies to dis-ease.  

Nutritional Care

Being properly nourished isn't a one size fits all.  What you put in your body play a huge part in how you perform; physically, spiritually, and psychologically. Nutritional Wellness is a key factor in healing and performing.    

Self Care

'Self-care equates to self-love'. When we take care of ourselves, we are ultimately giving ourselves the permission & attention that's needed to be whole. Only then will love flows from us into everything else we touch.

About WellScript

Our Wellness Plans

Customized Wellness Plans are colorful manuals that consist of whole-body treatments. These manuals are strictly designed and customized for you and your singular or multiple conditions. You will be able to follow in-depth directions with charts and images on Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Supplements, Herbals, plus other Natural Methods and Modalities to help achieve your goals.
There are 4 phases towards rebuilding homeostasis. Each wellness plan is considered one phase. *Phase I: Cleansing Plan* *Phase II: Regenerating Plan* *Phase III: Conditioning Plan* *Phase IV: Restoring Plan* The clients usually work on one phase for 3 months, But the phase can take longer depending on the ailment and the client.
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Customized Wellness plans are of three Types: (1) WellScript Complete: is primarily for clients with multiple conditions, rare genetic disorders, and/or severe ailments. (2) WellScript Mini: is for those who have been taking charge of their health, but in need of a little help on their healing journey. (3) WellScript Quick Script: is quick treatment for non-serious/ minor conditions, ex: minor infections, minor aches, pains, etc..

My Ethics of Treating with an Intent to Heal

Your State of Wellness Consist of Knowledge & Understanding in Order to Treat Conditions Naturally.

Our Services

Additional 1 hr Consultations Are Available for $50
~WellScript Complete Customized Wellness Plan $375 *** ~WellScript Mini Customized Wellness Plan $275 *** ~WellScript Quick Script $100
Prices Vary depending on sizes, design, degree of work, etc...
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