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Lovin' My Garden

is a small family-owned business with an objective to make you fall in love with food from a different perspective. We want you to know and understand that better health is attainable no matter your financial state or health condition. We also want you to know and love the true taste, color, size, & looks of your food; and that it all starts with "Lovin' Your Garden".

Our Aim, In shaa Allah

 is to keep our cost low to service new and novice gardeners, backyard gardeners, indoor, balcony, and window gardeners. Also, to promote sustainability and recycling with little to no wastage. 

Our Ultimate Goal, In shaa Allah

  is to make you "Love Your Garden" no matter what style of gardener you are. 

Keep Lovin' Your Garden©

We have over 90 varieties of Organic Seeds to Share With You!

Medicinal and Culinary Herbs,
​ Tomatoes, Peppers, 
​Gourds, Root Vegetables,
​ Beans, Greens, and Lettuce

Just a few of our Seeds

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Keep Lovin' Your Garden